Missouri Statewide 2016 Ballot Initiatives Positions

For more information contact Tao Weilundemo (tao@midmoforbernie.org) Amendment #1 Continues a 0.1% sales tax for another 10 years.  The money goes to soil and water conservation as well as the park system. This is a continuation of an amendment passed over 30 years ago that automatically gets added to the ballot every 10 years. The program has a track record of visible and measurable positive impacts for Missouri. The tax also accounts for 75% of the funding for our state park system. We recommend voting YES. Amendment #2 Missouri currently has no donation limits for state and local candidates, which has allowed wealthy individuals and special interests to have dramatic and damaging effects on our state political system. This problem […]

Campaign Update & Upcoming Events

I know a lot of us have hit the proverbial “wall” as far as energy for the campaign goes.  It’s easy to throw our hands up in defeat when we see the deck constantly stacked higher against us fairly or not, and the window for victory seemingly shrinking.  At times like this I think we need to step back and take inventory and assess where we really are and where we want to be. Bernie’s Path to the Nomination It is no longer possible for Bernie OR Hillary to clinch the nomination based solely on pledged delegates.  This means that the unpledged delegates(AKA “super delegates”) will decide the nomination.  Initially, you may think that would be the kiss of death with […]