Campaign Update & Upcoming Events

I know a lot of us have hit the proverbial “wall” as far as energy for the campaign goes.  It’s easy to throw our hands up in defeat when we see the deck constantly stacked higher against us fairly or not, and the window for victory seemingly shrinking.  At times like this I think we need to step back and take inventory and assess where we really are and where we want to be. Bernie’s Path to the Nomination It is no longer possible for Bernie OR Hillary to clinch the nomination based solely on pledged delegates.  This means that the unpledged delegates(AKA “super delegates”) will decide the nomination.  Initially, you may think that would be the kiss of death with […]


“The Nuclear Option,” or, “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”

Dear Hillary, I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter. I’ve canvassed for him, I’ve phone-banked for him, I’ve even traveled six hours round-trip just to shake his hand. I once personally convinced more than 100 people to become first-time donors to him in a single 10-hour period, and I’ve donated the legal maximum of $2,700 to him myself, as well. But, I used to root for you, Hillary. You were my candidate—until you started to blow it. And you’ve been making misstep after misstep after misstep since. I have to admit, when I saw Bernie’s New Hampshire victory speech on CNN last night, and heard him talk about your concession phone call to him, it was bittersweet for me. I could imagine you making a similar concession phone call to him in a […]

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Bernie’s only 5 points behind in Iowa… or is he?

The latest scientific poll from CBS News & YouGov shows that Bernie is only 5 points behind Hillary in Iowa. Or is he? In my last post, I wrote about an under-appreciated problem in scientific polling for elections, such as the kind used for mainstream news reports. This is a problem that’s well known to pollsters, but almost completely ignored by news media and the general public. In a nutshell, self-selected online polls tend to show a strong lead for Bernie Sanders, whereas “gold standard” traditional telephone-based scientific polls tend to show a strong lead for Hillary. Why might this be? In this post, I will break down a concrete example to show what, specifically, I believe is going on here. This will be a […]


Why the DFA (Democracy for America) Endorsement is a SBD (Seriously Big Deal)

A friend asked me on Facebook why the DFA endorsement, Bernie’s biggest to date, matters so much—after all, it’s not as though he won the Democratic Party endorsement. The reason this matters so much is that the Democratic Party doesn’t endorse candidates; rather, its delegates choose a nominee. Endorsements are more like “letters of recommendation” toward that process. The delegates will choose their nominee next summer at the Democratic National Convention in late July 2016, but that’s 7 months from now. Before that happens, each state has a primary election (or caucus, depending on the state). The convention delegates will take into consideration who wins the primary in which states (and by what margins), among other factors, when they decide […]

Broke Billionaires for Bernie Fundraiser

Saturday, Nov. 7, community members throughout Mid-Missouri came dressed in their best “broke billionaire” attire to attend the Mid-Missourians for Bernie Sanders first fundraiser at The Bridge in downtown Columbia, Mo. The fundraiser was an informal costume party and guests came dressed in torn fur jackets, dusty sport coats, top hats, and monocles. Throughout the night guests enjoyed live music from local musicians, bid in a silent auction, and engaged in activities such as face painting, a photo booth, a costume contest, and a raffle. The organization made just over $1,000 from donations, selling merchandise, and the door cover- which was split with the venue. Every dollar will go towards helping Mid-Missourians for Bernie continue in their campaign efforts, by […]

Democratic Debate Watch Party

The first Democratic debate on Tuesday, Oct. 13 was a highly contested evening. Millions of American’s tuned in to watch the candidates debate the important issues facing the country today. As a way to get more people engaged in the political process, Mid- Missourians for Bernie Sanders hosted a community watch party at a beloved local establishment, Rose Music Hall. While watching the debate, guests competed in Debate Bingo and Political Trivia while others posed for the camera at the photo booth and engaged in discussion about the candidates at the Bernie 101 table. In total, 436 members of the community came out to the watch party. Mid- Missourians for Bernie Sanders would like to thank Rose Music Hall for allowing us the use of their venue, local businesses Sparky’s […]

Mid-Mo Volunteers attend a Weekend of Action in Iowa

Early Saturday morning, 12 volunteers from the Mid-Mo for Bernie organization met at the parking garage on 6th and Walnut in downtown Columbia, Mo for a 6:30 am departure to Ottumwa, Iowa. The grassroots volunteers were heading off to participate in a Weekend of Action event, where volunteers from the Bernie Sanders campaign, canvas door-to-door to speak with Iowa voters. This was Mid-Mo’s second time participating in a Weekend of Action event with the Ottumwa office. The organization is in the midst of planning a third trip to Iowa scheduled for mid-November. Over the weekend the Mid-Mo volunteers joined in on Ottumwa’s annual Oktoberfest parade, moreover, the group also walked door-to-door to speak with Iowa voters to discover which election […]

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. gestures during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, to discuss Republican efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare and other programs that have an impact on working families. Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, became the ranking minority member on the Senate Budget Committee when the new GOP-controlled Congress began. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

This is not 2008

With the recent excitement over Bernie’s fundraising stats, it’s easy to compare Bernie’s progress with Obama’s numbers in 2007. It is true that Bernie has more donors and more money than Obama did at this time in 2007, which is fantastic. But, we need to be careful about comparing Bernie’s 2016 race to Obama’s 2008 race. The field is different this time. The competition is different. The issues are different.   In 2007, many Americans wanted to elect the first black President. Millions and millions of people who had never voted before came out in droves to vote for Obama, even if they hadn’t given him money. Point, Obama. The same is true this time around for people who want […]